JWC Family Reunion – Washington D.C.

Since 1976, my paternal grandmother’s family has had a reunion every year. I’m proud to say that my immediate my family attended almost every one, which allowed my brother and I to have a strong bond with extended family members all of our lives. Somewhere around the late ’90s, I stopped participating consistently (or not going at all at one point). However, in the past few years, I decided to reconnect with the family to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones. Another great reason I love my family reunions is that we go to a different location across the United States every year…yes, every year. So with that being said, we hit the nation’s capitol of Washington D.C., though we actually stayed about 20 minutes away in nearby Silver Spring, Maryland. Although I didn’t get to do and see everything as I hoped, I did get some awesome pics. Enjoy!

Silver Spring, Maryland


Washington, D.C.


See complete gallery here.


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