Illsol Gallery Opening

For those who don’t know, the Bay Area has become a burgeoning art scene in the past few years. Last year or so, I started to noticed very creative murals in Tampa that complemented the assortment across the bay in St. Pete. One particular mural that I caught during it’s fruition (as I often do) was the Portico piece on Florida Avenue (for my 813 peeps). I read about it and the artists in the newspaper, and would pass by the painting in the following weeks to see if it was finished. After it was completed, I saw a another mural being created in my neighborhood at a former Boys & Girls Club. After it was completed, I went by and took some photos. During which, I saw a woman painting another wall of the building, starting another mural. We struck up a conversation and she revealed that she and her partner were the ones whom painted the Portico piece. I told her that I am an admirer of their work, then later followed them on various social media. This illustrious and industrious couple is none other than Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol, together known as Illsol. This year, they opened an art gallery in Tampa Heights called but what else, Illsol Gallery. I had the honor of attending its re-grand opening (since I missed the first one a week prior), and I am very proud of them for giving artists, especially local ones, an outlet for exposure. Along with favorites like Tes One, Bask, Chad Mize, Jujmo and Bekky Beukes, Illsol illuminates Tampa Bay. Here are some of the works that were featured at this event. To view the entire gallery, click here.

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