2017 Calendars

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you’d know that the 2017 calendars have been available since October. For those that don’t know, you can order my calendars on Etsy!

The Florida Calendar features colorful scenes from my beautiful home state, the Sunshine State.

preview4fv60xn9 florida_preview

The Black & White Calendar features scenes that are mostly in black and white, with a splash of color. Please note, only the cover page is completely black and white.

previeweis4rg1u previewzs5wfxac

As a huge fan of graffiti (and an artist myself), I couldn’t help but create a Graffiti and Murals Calendar. It features art from various locations, including Tampa, Atlanta, Orlando, and St. Petersburg.

previewotypgurc graffiti_preview

For alumni and fans alike, there is the University of South Florida Calendar. Enjoy scenes from the campuses and activities all year-round. Please contact me directly for this calendar.

preview5ojpg2s4 usf_previewAgain, you can order these right here on Etsy!



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